The Meaningful Education Campaign


The M.E.A.N.I.N.G.F.U.L Education Campaign has several limbs, that together could make our education system much more meaningful.

1) M is for Meaning (Growing the whole person in body, mind & meaning)

2) E is for Everyone’s a Teacher (and a learner!)

3) A is for A-Z or Maps of Learning for Everyone (MOLEs)

4) N is for No More Tests (learning must take priority over measuring – AfL not judgement)

5) I is for Inclusion & Cooperation (building equality & reducing competition)

6) N is for Not Until I’m Ready (starting things at the right age)

7) G is for the 3 Goals of a Teacher (teach, love & rest)

8) F is for Fun, Games & Playfulness (enjoyment in all things)

9) U is for Understanding Meanings, not just Memorising (building on the what and how, by asking WHY?)

10) L is for Long Term National Planning (the biggest efficiency change education can make)

To understand what we mean by each of these click here.